History of Rahimtoola group and Ray Pharma

The company was set up by The Rahimtoola Group and started production in 2009. It subsequently acquired brands from Reckit Benciser but commenced with its own branded generic products. Current manufacturing facilities are of tablets, ampoules, ophthalmology, dry powder, capsules and dermatology.

In Pakistan the Rahimtoola Group starts with Mr Habib Ibrahim Rahimtoola, who was a colleague of the Quaid-Azam Mr Mohammad Ali Jinnah prior Pakistan, and was appointed by him as the first High Commissioner to UK. He had the privilege of taking over Independence in London, at the same time as the handing over ceremony was taking place in Karachi. He was the first Pakistani to fly the national flag outside of Pakistan. Mr Habib Ibrahim Rahimtoola went on to take various other posts in the Government including Governorship of Sind and Punjab, as well Federal Cabinet Minister. In 1958 he retired from service and set up in business. He became Chairman and Director of many companies which included United Bank Ltd, Pakistan Oxygen, Pakistan Cables ,Aspro Nicholas and Organon Pakistan where the family were the main local sponsors.

His son Farouq Rahimtoola is the Chairman of the Company. In 1974 before leaving to set up a shipping and trading operation in London, he was a Director of Muller & Phipps, United Bank and East Pakistan Lubricant Blenders and others public and private companies.
On his return to Pakistan in 1990 after 16 years in London, he became a director of Organon Pakistan Ltd and other companies such as Port Qasim Authority, Gwadar Port Improvement Authority, Habib Sugar Mills and other companies.

He is now Chairman of the Group companies which are run by his elder son Mr Abbas Rahimtoola who is based in Pakistan after returning from Singapore. Mr Abbas Rahimtoola runs the shipping and trading operations, he has offices in Singapore, Dubai, Vietnam, Argentina and Paraguay. ( )

Mr Aly Rahimtoola the second son, used to run the off- shore ship owning and chartering operations from Dubai from 1995-2010. In 2011 he diversified into skincare and wellness products and is now London based with his award-winning clean beauty brand Herbal Essentials ( which has been launched in Europe, Russia and China in 2020 and will enter the North American market in 2021.

The family’s connection with the pharmaceutical industry started in 1959 with Aspro Nicholas, followed by Muller & Phipps and Organon Pakistan. As a diversification from high risk businesses of shipping and trading in 2000s the Group decided to go into industry. Based on our link to Pharma, we bought the present plant from Organon when the foreign partner decided to withdraw from Pakistan. Subsequently, after the Reckit Benciser purchase of Aspro Nicholas, Reckit Benciser decided to off load their prescription drugs such as the Genticyn, New Mercazole , Nicotrim and Bronchilate range, which were bought by the Company with full trade marks in Pakistan and are now produced and sold by the company.

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