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About Ray Pharma

The Ray Pharma plant was taken over by the renowned “Rahimtoola Group of Companies” in January 2007 from Organon PakistanRay Pharma (Pvt.) Limited. It is a medium sized, well designed and immaculately maintained pharmaceutical manufacturing facility.situated at SITE Karachi-Pakistan

Ray Pharma

Since the plant was taken over by the Rahimtoola Group, it is run by the professionalmanagement under the leader ship of Mr. Farooq Rahimtoola as a chairman.

Quality is our identity

All facilities have their own Dedicated Air Handling Systems.

  • To avoid Cross Contamination
  • Maintain Humidity / Temperature Controls as per Products Requirements.
  • Incoming Quarantine
  • Approved material warehouse
  • Dispensing booth

Vision & Mission

To be a leading manufacturing company of quality pharmaceutical products throu...

Values & Assets

Our aim is for excellence in all our activities to deliver quality products & to preser...


The Rahimtoola family originally was based in Bombay and was involved in trading sinc...

ISO certified

Ray Pharma is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

ISO certifies Quality Management Systems and this is the core value of an ISO 9001:2008 certification. A Pharmaceutical manufacturing company that has achieved an ISO 9001:2008 certification has achieved the highest-level Quality Management System Certification.


Our products are distributed by one of the leading distribution house in Pakistan M/s Muller & Phipps nation wide through it net work of depots in 60 major cities of Pakistan ,covering more than 35000 chemist other then the Hospitals & Doctores.


Careers at Ray Pharma

Fundamental to achieving our mission and objectives is our unshakeable belief in our core values. Our biggest asset in the company is our people. It is our priority to ensure that we retain and develop capabilities of our people and champion a culture that promotes team work, innovation and change.

According to Peter Drucker “from now on, the key is knowledge. The world is not becoming labor intensive, not materials intensive, not energy intensive, but knowledge intensive.”

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